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What can an agent do for my book?

Basically, an agent will try and find a publisher for your manuscript. Many book publishers, particularly the large ones, will not even look at your work unless it is submitted to them by an agent. This is due to the enormous pile of unsolicited manuscripts sent to them every month by hopeful writers, many of which fall far short of publishable standard. Getting an agent is like a "pre-qualification"...if a publisher sees that an agent has looked at your work and has taken you on, then it is highly likely that your work is of the standard required to be made into a book that will sell well.

How will an agent find a publisher for my book?

Agents swill have spent many years building relationships with publishers, and so will know exactly which publishers to pitch your manuscript to. Not only will they know which publishers specialise in your particular genre, but as they keep their ears close to the ground they will know which publishers are seeking new writers and those who are not. As a result, they will only submit your manuscript to publishers where it has a chance of being accepted, whereas a person who does not have this knowledge will randomly send their work off to publishers, wait weeks or months for a response, only to be told that the publisher is not currently taking on anymore writers.

Do I have to have an agent?

No. Having an agent is not essential to getting published, but it is certainly highly recommended. You can send your work directly to publishers and hope that your work will stand out from all the other manuscripts they have to read, but without an agent there is no guarantee that they will even bother to read your submission. Whilst an agent will charge a commission on any book deal you sign, you are much more likely to have your work published if you can acquire an agent for the reasons mentioned in the first two sections above.

How can I find an agent for my book?

The following website has a large database of book publishers and agents in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, which can be searched for for a low monthly subscription fee. To go there and find out more, just click here. You may also find the links below useful.

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