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What will a publisher do for me?

A good publisher will take your roughly-typed manuscript and turn it into a nice, neat looking book, as well as performing other important functions. They will also take care of obtaining an ISBN number for your book, and any other legal requirements such as depositing copies with a national library. A publisher may also arrange the artwork for the front cover of your book if you haven't already got a cover designed. As publishers make money from every copy of your book that is sold, they will be keen to publicise your book and generate sales (if nobody knows about it, nobody will buy it). Apart from the cost, this is a key difference between conventional publishing and self-publishing (see below).

What are the different forms of publishing?

Basically there are two forms of publishing your work: Conventional Publishing and Self-Publishing. Conventional publishing is where you submit your work to a publisher who, if accepted, will either publish it without cost to you or even give you an advance payment. Self-publishing is where you pay a company to publish your work. Whilst self-publishing is a good way of getting your work made into a book quickly (conventional publishers may take months to reply), it is costly, sometimes costing up to $1,500 - $2,000. There is also a pre-conceived opinion amongst many that books which are self-published are "not as good" as conventionally published books, else why would someone pay if their work was good enough to be published for free? Whilst this may be true for a lot of self-published books, it is wrong to accept this as a rule because there are many reasons for choosing self-publishing over the conventional way. One is that the author may want their work made into a book as quickly as possible, without having to spend months or even years trying to find a publisher. Also, self-publishing allows the author to have complete control over how their book looks and it's retail price, when they may not have this flexibility when dealing with a conventional publisher. As proof that it is not true that self-published work is necessarily not as good as books conventionally published, there have been a number of authors who began their careers by self-publishing, and have since gone on to be amongst the most famous and successful authors in the world.

Does it cost anything to get a book published?

See the paragraph above on the different forms of publishing.

A publisher has decided to publish my work. Now what?

Congratulations! You have achieved what many people can only dream of. Now that a publisher has decided to turn your work into a book, it is a matter of sitting back and waiting until the release date, whilst answering any questions your publisher may as during this time with regards to how you want your book to look. In some cases you may even receive an advance sum of money. Once your book is released and available in the market, you can let your publisher promote your work, or hire a publicist. It all depends on the company publishing your book and the resources they are able/willing to spend on your work.

How can I find a publisher?

The following website has a large database of book publishers and agents in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, which can be searched for for a low monthly subscription fee. To go there and find out more, just click here. You may also find the links below useful.

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