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Book Writing - Characters


Characters are what make or break your novel, so as you can imagine, they're extremely important. Without characters, your book would be nothing but a description of the surroundings, or in other words, a guide book. You should always write with the aim of making your character so memorable that they will go down in literary history...of course the chances are they won't, but that's what we're all trying to create so the least we can do is try!

Nobody wants to read hundreds of pages about dull people. One tip is to imagine your character in a movie, and give them the personality and other attributes that will make him/she loved, hated etc. by the audience, as this will help in adding to the appeal of your story and will make it much more enjoyable for the reader. In fact, try and write the whole book as if it were a movie you are watching. The two forms of media are not too dissimilar, as both involve being entertained by characters and their surroundings. Also, if your book is really good and "movie-like" you may be lucky enough to attract a movie deal, where a film company buys the rights to turn your story into a motion picture, tv series or cartoon (or all three if you're really lucky!)

Try to keep your characters consistent throughout, unless one of the themes in your story is the way they develop over time and with certain events that have an impact on their lives. It won't be much fun if you realise with horror when you come to read what you've written that your character started out left-handed but was right-handed by the end of the book. Not only will you be embarrassed, but it will look unprofessional and won't do your chances of getting published (or selling if the publisher missed it too) any good at all. Have a piece of paper next to you as you write which has the simple information about your characters on it, such as their hair and eye colour, hobbies etc., which you can keep looking back at and referring to in order to keep everything nice and consistent throughout.

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