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* A young peter!

Born on 5th October 1984 in Nottingham, England to parents Andrew and Anne Marie, a young Peter first developed a flair for writing at primary school, where he would frequently outshine the other pupils when it came to writing stories or descriptive text. This early start continued into secondary school, where Peter studied English Literature at GCSE, AS and A-level standard. It was also during this time that he came 3rd in the county for a writing competition, winning the grand sum of 10 prize money!

It was after leaving school, that Peter began to put his knowledge and talent for writing into use. In his first year of university at the University of Stirling in Scotland, whilst unable to sleep one night, Peter began to write a rough draft of a story about a young teenage boy growing up in ancient Rome. "I don't really remember where the idea came from for the book" he says. "I've always had an interest in history and the Romans in particular, and I suppose the idea of a boy growing up through his teens came to mind because I'd gone through that period not long before, so to write "Tiberius Goes to Rome" I just put the two together and ended up with a novel."

Much work was needed however to turn that simple idea into a fully-fledged novel, not to mention motivation and effort (which the majority of students lack!) But it was the university lifestyle and a night out with friends which Peter has to thank for giving him the push that was necessary to turn that initial idea into a book, as he explains. "The cheapest drinks were ones that had caffeine in them, which seemed to keep me awake at night but nobody else! So while everyone else went straight to bed when we got back, I was left sitting up on my own, wide awake, and with nothing better to do I just started writing. To be honest it was that early in the morning I don't actually remember writing the first few pages! I just sort of started writing the beginnings of a few storylines, and just kept going with one after a while."

And keep going it did. About twice a week after each night out, Peter added a little more to the story, until roughly three months and 60,000 words later, "Tiberius Goes to Rome", his first novel, was completed.

So, are there any plans for a sequel or other books? "I don't know about a sequel, I suppose it depends on the success of the first one. I do have a good idea for a novel aimed at an older age group, but it's just finding the motivation to actually start that first paragraph that's holding things up with that. Maybe I need more nights out!"

General Information:

  • Full Name: Peter Andrew Kay
  • Born: 5th October 1984
  • Birthplace: Nottingham, England, UK
  • Starsign: Libra
  • Parents: Andrew and Anne Marie Kay
  • Hair: Changes from time to time! Usually dark with blonde highlights
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Hobbies: Sport (pretty much all kinds!), writing
  • Siblings: None
  • Previous schools:
    • Gotham Primary School, Nottinghamshire, UK
    • Harry Carlton Comprehensive School, Leicestershire, UK


  • Favourite Celebrities: Emma Rigby, Ellie Crisell, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts
  • Favourite Colour: Purple
  • Favourite Food: Pizza, Pasta, Pineapple
  • Favourite Drink: Fanta Orange
  • Favourite Book: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar by Roald Dahl

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